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Open Subject Category

Open: Any subject, but to be successful it should contain one or more of the following qualities: composition, impact, appeal, storytelling or interest.

Set Subject Categories


Nature: Nature photography depicts living, untamed animals and uncultivated plants in a natural habitat, geology and the wide diversity of natural phenomena, from insects to icebergs. Photographs of animals that are domesticated, caged or under any form of restraint, as well as photographs of cultivated plants are ineligible. Minimal evidence of humans is acceptable for nature subjects, such as barn owls or storks, adapting to an environment modified by humans, or natural forces, like hurricanes or tidal waves, reclaiming it. The original image must have been taken by the photographer, whatever photographic medium is used. Any manipulation or modification to the original image is limited to minor retouching of blemishes and must not alter the content of the original scene.


Scapes: Includes Landscapes, seascape, cityscape, urbanscape, streetscape, skyscape, treescape.


People: A study of a person or people covering a very wide range of situations, e.g. crowd scenes, involvement in various activities of everyday life, work environments, etc.. Not to be a portrait or child study. The background of the image portraying the circumstances of the activity will be an equally important element.


Sports: A photographic work featuring the subject participating in some sort of sporting activity, either still or in motion or action.


Minimalism: An image that emphasises extreme simplification of form, as by the use of basic shapes and monochromatic palettes of primary colours, objectivity and anonymity of style. Use of the fewest and barest essentials or elements.


Self Portrait: a portrait of the photographer in which he / she has arranged the lighting, etc. and posed him/herself within the picture. The shutter release must be under his / her control.


The colour RED:  Any image in which red is the only or predominant colour. This can include or cover any aspect of photography. Creativity with the colour red would add to the perceived quality of the image.


Barns: A large farm building used for storing grain, hay or straw or for housing livestock or equipment.


Humor: An image which evokes amusement on the basis of the situation or scene photographed or the facial appearance(s) of a person engaged in an expression of humour – laughter, grin, pulling a funny face, etc.


Annual: This is an Open competition. Two images only may be entered in each of Prints and Projected Images.

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